Key Objectives

Knowledge Sharing

To provide a platform for sharing and disseminating knowledge on all forms of alternative care and other family and community strengthening initiatives for children in need of care and protection.

Capacity Strengthening

To strengthen the capacity of stakeholders to advocate for and implement alternative family based care and community strengthening program.

Legislation & Policies

To lobby and advocate for the implementation of legislation and policies necessary for the realization of the Guidelines for the Alternative Family care of children in Kenya.

Collaborative Monitoring

To collaborate with the relevant authorities and other stakeholders in the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Guidelines for the Alternative Family care of children in Kenya.

Why The Alternative Care Alliance ?

In Kenya, communities have traditionally responded to children without adequate parental care by placing them informally with extended family or community members. With increasing socio-economic pressures and weakening family structures, this informal kinship care mechanism is under threat leading to separation of children from their families and placement in Charitable Children Institutions which are the default form of alternative care in the country.

To ensure our children are in safe and caring environments and to secure their future there is a need to significantly promote the practice of family and community-based care through the Guidelines for the Alternative Family Care of Children in Kenya adopted in 2015.

Although the Guidelines are a critical institutional framework, collaborative and coordinated approach to enhance advocacy, skills and knowledge for their proper implementation has been lacking. Additionally, while several organizations are currently working to support children grow up in families and communities, the response has been fragmented and uncoordinated, leaving thousands of vulnerable children outside of the necessary response.

It is against this background the Alternative Care alliance was formed in 2016.